5 Reasons to Choose Power Apps Portals

As a response to lockdown, QUANTIQ created a new virtual conference named WinTEQ to promote the amazing products and services in the Microsoft cloud available to organisations of all sizes. This event takes place over three days, with presentations being delivered by some of the best consultants in the business.

The event focusses on two key themes:

  1. Thriving during a period of dramatic change.
  2. Digital transformation for the price of a coffee.

I was supposed to be getting married on the 2nd of three days when this event took place, but due to COVID restrictions, I delivered “5 Reasons to Choose Power Apps Portals” instead!

Some information delivered in April 2021 may have changed, such as tweaks to pricing of Power Apps Portals, however, the majority of the concepts remain the same.

If you like what you see, look out for event registrations over on LinkedIn early next year!

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