The Microsoft Cloud

My life revolves around Microsoft’s Cloud services. By day I manage my team of consultants using Microsoft 365, and when I’m not managing them, I deliver Dynamics 365 & Power Platform solutions. Once the busy day is over and my daughter is asleep, I then love nothing more than to play something on my Xbox Series X via Game Pass! This page is where I’ll share everything relating to the Microsoft Cloud and the fantastic features you can utilise.

Modify An Owner’s Connection References in Power Automate

No matter how amazing an organisation may be, unfortunately there will always be the possibility of someone leaving the organisation. When it comes to Power Automate, this means that you can be stuck with the original Owner of the Cloud Flow having left the organisation, where Connection References eventually error, and lead to an automatedContinue reading “Modify An Owner’s Connection References in Power Automate”

Tip: Find Hidden Personal Microsoft To Do Capability in Power Automate

Way before Microsoft had a fully-fledged Outlook and Microsoft To Do app for iOS and Android, there were two apps that tightly integrated with each other to form an absolute machine in productivity – Sunrise and Wunderlist. Tasks would show as ‘All Day’ items at the top of your calendar, with ticks next to eachContinue reading “Tip: Find Hidden Personal Microsoft To Do Capability in Power Automate”

Tip: Quickly Enable Migrated Power Apps Portal Configuration

Microsoft’s documentation goes to great lengths in order to explain how we can migrate Power Apps Portal data from one environment to another by using the Configuration Migration Tool, but it doesn’t quite go as far as explaining how to re-point the already-provisioned portal to your newly migrated data upon first deployment. Follow the belowContinue reading “Tip: Quickly Enable Migrated Power Apps Portal Configuration”


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