I’m Aaron, and this is my blog where I share all sorts of Power Platform, Dynamics 365, and Microsoft 365 experiences. I am the Head of Power Platform at an organisation that specialises in change management & digital adoption, and absolutely love engaging with people with real productivity challenges.

The user’s perspective is at the heart of everything that I do, and whilst this blog may not be the most technical, you can guarantee that each outcome will result in an improved user experience.

You’ll never see adverts on my site, this site runs on hot drinks and experience! If you like what you see then please share my posts when you’ve found them useful, and as always, if you spot any inaccuracies due to the product’s evolution making old code redundant, then please do feel free to reach out.


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Latest Posts

  • The Power Of A Great User Story

    For anyone that personally knows me, they will know that I am absolutely obsessed with getting User Stories right! On the face of it, it may seem impossible to deliver part of a business process from one single sentence, but user stories are one of the best tools you can… Continue reading…

    The Power Of A Great User Story

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  • How To Enable ModelDrivenFormIntegration for Existing Canvas Apps

    Earlier this week I found myself trying to embed an existing Canvas app into a Model-Driven app to better present information relating to the record using the flexible UI controls, but as an infrequent user of such a feature, I struggled to understand how I could reference the current Model-Driven… Continue reading…

    How To Enable ModelDrivenFormIntegration for Existing Canvas Apps

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